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Jordan Ross

Daydreams to Reality.

By portraying the perfect combination of old-meets-new, Connecticut was an interior design project intended to elevate a traditional farmhouse through simplistic modernity. By emphasizing clean lines and neutral palettes, the vision was to resurrect the charming nostalgia of a traditional farmhouse while ushering in a new generational flare through thoughtfully spotlighted industrial finishings and blended primitive materials. 

Design with Intention.

Wilhaggin is a project that embodies a modern farmhouse style with the elegance of mid-century finishings. While the space shows as chic in class, it still provides that comforting glory you'd find in a farmhouse – just with a modern twist reflective of the times. With beautifully unique, reeded bespoke cabinetry, the Wilhaggin project centers on everyday functionality through tactile and tangible design. 

Spaces to Reflect You.

The Tappan Project is reminiscent of a cottage-style kitchen revival replete with stainless steel contemporary finishings. By blending utilitarian twists to contrast old-world design elements, Tappan transports you to a rural Parisian countryside where you find yourself surrounded by comforting and native textures, such as natural grain wood, to capture European countryside flair.

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